git问题【"remote:error:refusing to update checked out branch:refs/heads/master"的解决办法】

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在使用Git Push代码到数据仓库时,提示如下错误:

[remote rejected] master -> master (branch is currently checked out)


remote: error: refusing to update checked out branch: refs/heads/master

remote: error: By default, updating the current branch in a non-bare repository

remote: error: is denied, because it will make the index and work tree inconsistent

remote: error: with what you pushed, and will require 'git reset --hard' to match

remote: error: the work tree to HEAD.

remote: error:

remote: error: You can set 'receive.denyCurrentBranch' configuration variable to

remote: error: 'ignore' or 'warn' in the remote repository to allow pushing into

remote: error: its current branch; however, this is not recommended unless you

remote: error: arranged to update its work tree to match what you pushed in some

remote: error: other way.

remote: error:

remote: error: To squelch this message and still keep the default behaviour, set

remote: error: 'receive.denyCurrentBranch' configuration variable to 'refuse'.

To git@192.168.1.X:/var/git.server/.../web

! [remote rejected] master -> master (branch is currently checked out)

error: failed to push some refs to 'git@192.168.1.X:/var/git.server/.../web'



denyCurrentBranch = ignore



git --bare init

而不要使用:git init

git init 和git --bare init 的具体区别: